Welcome to Ana’s Blog

Let’s see how well I can write on my very first blog post, believe me, I put ideas together with images better than with words. My story using this website as a freelancer began in 2007. Through the years, I accomplished projects of different kinds in the graphic design field. I’m continuosly learning all the new trends and software of the new age of technology.

Here comes the second part of the story. Beside filling art teaching positions at Broward Schools, drawing, painting, sculpting and creating designs for clients, all the sudden, I found myself doing what I love to do the most. I’ve become a full time artist in September 2018. Since then, I’m painting pet portraits every day and I’m enjoying it so much. I created Chabuca.art and started posting videos and images created with dedication, passion and hard work to capture the pet’s features and personality.

Today, I’m merging my two small business in one website, one blog, and hopefully Facebook will allow me to merge the two pages as well. I wanted to let you know. These are my great news!

Thank you for reading this very first post and I’m looking forward to write more.

Have a wonderful day!

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